Monday, June 02, 2008


So today I awoke to yet another storm. Although it is nice to sleep in with the sound of rain and the dark room, what is up with the torrential rains. I am fine with rain but whatever happened to light showers or sprinkles. Lately it just pours and floods and I am sick of it. I like not having to water the flowers and set the sprinkle for the yard but come on it doesn't take downpours to do that. It flooded my newly potted plants in the front and made the dirt come out and now they are dead. The past two mornings I have had plans to go get the remainder of the items to finish up my pretty flower beds and yard but it has been pouring both mornings and then the ground is too saturated to do anything. This morning I woke up to yet another storm and when the electricity started to flicker I lit some candles but then the storm stopped. Suddenly a few minutes later the back storm door blew open and the wood back door flew into the house with rage. I looked outside to see the tree waving every which way and turned on the TV to see what good 'ole Travis had to say about the weather thinking maybe there was a tornado warning. The storm continued for a while then passed. Later on that afternoon Elijah came running to me saying "Mommy mommy our tree fell down!" I went to look and sure enough half of our tree was down laying over the east side of the fence in the back. When I went outside to get a better look and when I looked to the right/south our fence was completely down just from the wind and I was looking into the neighbors mess of a yard. Our chairs, dog toys, sand/water box, and all the outdoor kid toys were strewn all over the place. I then wondered what happened to the huge tree in the yard behind us b/c it looked smaller but I shrugged it off thinking I just thought there was a bigger tree there. Later on I heard chainsaws so I climbed on the weight set to take a look and there WAS a huge tree in that yard but now it was laying in their neighbors yard and had plowed down the tree house, swing set and fence on its way. So we spent the entire afternoon with our attempts to clean up. We thought the tree wasn't that bad but once we realized the part that had fallen was pulled up at the roots and the other half is wobbly now so we may end up and lose the whole tree. My dad came over and helped us jimmy-rig the fence to get it up until the ground dries a little to do a permanent fix but we had to do something so the dogs wouldn't get out. That was fun let me tell you! I was standing in water up past my ankles - in my flip flops of course - with Tez and Martez holding up portions of the fence while my dad tried to make it stand on the other side. Conveniently my mom had worn dress shoes and was unable to walk in our yard or I guess I should say our "moat" to help so she looked at all my scrapbooks! Fun times!

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