Monday, June 23, 2008


Today we did MAJOR yardwork! I had not edged the front or backyard yet this season which is totally out of character for me since I get obsessed with the edging since it makes the yard look ten times better than merely mowing. So I edged, pulled weeds, mulched and cleaned for over 4 hours! Fun! After all of that the kids were going nuts and I just wanted to SIT so I hooked up the sprinkler in the front yard and sat on my bench to watch the boys. The new neighborhood kids came over and played with the boys. Let me tell you I am just not a real neighborly person in fact in all of the places I have lived I have only befriended one neighbor that has lasted and shortly after they moved. Their just really isn't anyone around us I care to get to know. I know that probably sounds awful but oh well! In the first 3 1/2 years we lived here, there has only been one kid for the boys to play with and then they moved but in the past six months three homes have been FILLED with kids. Although I like the idea of the boys having kids to play with and they have fun, I just get seriously annoyed by these kids. We can't even pull into our driveway either b/c their bikes are laying in the middle of the driveway or they are riding up before we ever even get out of the car to ask if they can play. They are seriously annoying and not necessarily the kind of kids I want my kids to play with b/c of their upbringing but I guess they can't help the way they are raised so I still feel sorry for them. Sorry I went off on a little tangent. I really didn't plan on that! Oops! Hey once I get started.................

I couldn't get him to leave the sprinkler alone!

Elijah teaching the fine art of drinking from a sprinkler to Isaiah!

Jordan is a little sweetie but Mikale is a handful

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