Saturday, June 21, 2008


Elijah starts his first season of tackle football this fall and he is excited. He played one season of flag football for Upwards at Arrow Heights Baptist and did really well but apparently it isn't even remotely the same. I thought it was basically the same except for catching flags vs tackling but I've been told otherwise. He is pumped to get to finally play tackle. I guess we will see how long he stays excited after he gets hit hard the first time. He has played 2 seasons of Soccer, 2 seasons of Basketball and 1 season of flag Football so far b/c we were letting him play whatever he wanted until he decides which sport he likes best and wants to pursue if any; HOWEVER, my baby isn't a big boy and him getting tackled scares ME. I realize they will be kids his own age but STILL! Well it is what he wants to try so I promised him he could try whatever although secretly praying it wouldn't be baseball or golf b/c I can't stand watching either one. I really don't even like football mainly b/c I don't understand it but I guess I'll watch anything that involves my boy! All of this to show you guys his pics. He went today to pick up his helmet, pads and practice crap and he looked so darn cute I just couldn't resist. Wow that helmet looks really heavy on top of his little neck! He's excited though for now!

GO B.A.!

This is his "mean I am going to tackle you" face!

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