Monday, June 30, 2008


It's that time of year again - the 4th of July! For the past three maybe four years we have gone to Rhema for our big fireworks show. They have the blow up jupiter jump deals, pony rides, car show, concerts and a big display of fireworks - ALL FREE well except the pony rides! The kids love it and because it is a fairly new celebration in town it is less crowded than say for instance the river celebration. I have a feeling eventually it will be just as bad b/c each year more and more people are coming to Rhema. Everybody loves FREE fun for their kids! Anyhow..........we went last night and took my nephew Logan to meet up with my brother Curt and his wife Karen.

Wow Logan looks really white next to my boys!

Having fun in the jupiter jumps! See Elijah flipping while Logan & Zay jump!
The kids went on all of the blow up "rides and slides" then while they were riding the ponies my brother Rob and his family showed up. Martez and Tez went with the guys over to the car show while Karen and I reserved our prime fireworks viewing spot right next to the big playground where the kids played until the fireworks started.

Karen getting the kids to dance w/her during the concerts.

How cute are they?!?!?!

We had so much fun except for when we had to leave and the line out of the parking lot was horrendous! The boys were tired and covered with sand however that didn't inhibit the older boys from staying up until 2am. I now understand how my parents felt when my friends would spend the night. Logan spent the night with us and we got home about 11pm (way past their bedtime) and I sent them straight to bed BUT they just wouldn't stop talking.....until the duct tape......JUST KIDDING PEOPLE........I finally went to bed at 1:45am and gave up on them but I think they went to sleep shortly after that! Boy were they tired the next day at Meme's house! Your welcome Mom!

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