Friday, July 04, 2008


Happy 4th of July everyone!

Hope everyone had a great holiday full of fun and relaxation. We had a good day just lounged most of the morning then went to my friends house for food and fireworks. We went to Hoffman's house, sat around chatting, ate supper then did fireworks and watched the fireworks. They live outside the city limits so there were all kinds of fireworks to see out there even the big fireworks!

Quinlynne - the All-American Girl

Isaiah likes the fireworks in the SKY, as far as the fireworks done by hand...not so much! In fact he wouldn't even do a sparkler until Quinlynne did one!

He would rather just "fix" Q's jeep for her!

Elijah was just excited to finally get to do some fireworks on his own....smokebombs! hehe

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