Thursday, July 24, 2008


This morning was Elijah's final day of swimming lessons Level 2. He was so excited to show me that he can jump off the diving board but it never happened. I must say the instructor is brave to appear in front of all the skinny moms in a bathing suit. She is burley! Mean I know! I was very proud of my boy he came a long way this past month. He didn't pass Level 2 and will need to repeat it next summer but NONE of the kids passed so I didn't feel so bad.

After lessons they got a special treat - go down the slide!! The first time Elijah went down he didn't realize he did a flip underwater, came up disoriented and panicked not realizing he could touch. I will never forget the look in his eyes each time he popped up and I was SCREAMING, "STAND UP BABY YOU CAN TOUCH!" The instructor wasn't paying attention until I screamed the second time and dropped my camera fully preparing to save my boy. I've never had a feeling like that with him and he just had a terrified look in his eyes. She grabbed him, showed him he could stand up and then asked if he wanted to try again. His first response was NO but his friends pepped him up and he tried and succeeded the second time. Don't think I wasn't totally terrified for the second try!!!!

This first attempt scared the crap out of me b/c he didn't pop right back up!

The second time I just held my breathe and prayed until he popped out of the water with a smile asking to go again!


All he talked about all week was showing me he could jump off the diving board but when the time came he look terrified and anxious. No matter how much we begged and bribed it just never happened! Oh well maybe next year!

Deep in thought

Every time we thought he was going to jump he would merely reach down and scratch his foot. He did this about 10 times! Next year baby!

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