Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Elijah likes to be the host of the Cullom Cooking hour. The Cullom Cooking Hour was a show that Elijah created by asking me ten thousand questions each evening while I cook dinner. Tonight he really wanted to help like he usually does but he wanted to cut veggies for our pasta salad. I finally let him cut the "trees" aka broccoli. I still think he is too young to be using a knife but it was just cutting the end of the stalk so I let him "help".

I found a new kid size apron that came with a hat but somehow I lost the hat before anyone got to wear it. It's crazy how think just disappear literally....like pacifiers when the baby is screaming its head off or how you always have leftover socks without a match. Things that make you go..hmmmm! Are you singing?! Your welcome! My point of this story is it is our fun little time together and he cracks me up so I wanted to take some pictures. Imagine that, I know!! He was cutting at first but then I wanted a full shot with the apron and he said, "Wait Mom let me grab a bowl and a spoon to pretend I am stirring!" I let him get situated and didn't realize how funny it was until I looked at the pictures and realized he was hard at work pretending to stir his food in a colandar just over the kitchen floor like it wouldn't spill out! Goofy boy! Of course he doesn't understand why I think it is funny but it JUST IS! I love my kids!

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