Monday, July 21, 2008


Today was the BA football combine aka draft. I still can't believe they draft 6yr olds. That is beyond my comprehension - hello they are 6! It was HOT - sweat rolling down your back and into your eyes hot and we were out there for about 2 hrs!! Elijah, much to my surprise, was "protected" after only running two drills!! Woohoo! He was the 2nd fastest kid and I think he got that from running from me when he is in trouble - lol! In the second running drill he still got a good time EVEN with his pants falling down. What a sight to see! The timer kept yelling "just run buddy don't worry about your pants" so I look over to see him running his little heart out holding his pants as he goes. He is in between sizes right now. The XS is too small and the SM is too big! Guess we will be searching for new pants tomorrow!! I am proud of my boy regardless!

Run Forrest Run!

Look at their cute little butts in the air!

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