Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today wanted to take the kids to Big Splash. I did not want to be in a bathing suit with all the skinny teenagers running around in bikinis besides the fact that the kids wouldn't be able to do half of the fun things and Martez can't swim SO basically we would pay a hunk of money to play in a kiddie pool. I suggested we go out to Nienhuis Pool with the cool slides and different kiddie areas. Elijah was so excited to show us everything he has been learning in swimming lessons and I was excited to just be out! Off to Nienhuis we went........

Showing me he can float

That face is priceless!

Showing he can put his head underwater (Look how dark he is!)

This face cracks me up! He makes this face everytime he comes up from having his face underwater!
This is a really cool community pool and for just $12 we all had a blast! Plenty of slides, cool kiddie areas with slides and I must say I thought the main pool was neat but odd. The main pool is different depths all over which was nice for the kids even Isaiah was able to stand up in certain areas. I must say I didn't have to worry about how I looked in a bathing suit (it's real bad!) b/c there was a ton of "heavies" out there and a bunch of them were sporting swimsuits they should not have been wearing esp. in public!!! Made me feel pretty good though! Sad but true.....fat people always like to see people fatter than them!!

My boys are getting so dark! Elijah is darker each year and I keep saying at this rate in a couple of years he will just look black and people won't think I am his mom! lol I, on the other hand, just burned like a little crisp today! It wasn't even too hot in fact in the pool when the wind would pick up it was a little chilly! Don't let the temp and clouds fool you - it is one hot summer sun that will definitely burn your shoulders - I know firsthand!

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