Monday, July 14, 2008


Yep it's that time again.....time for another trip to our 2nd home Branson!!! Our family loves it there!! You can never run out of things to do no matter how many times you go, seriously! We left Thursday to return on Sunday!!! This was going to be Tez's first trip to Branson and we were excited for him. It was funny watching him experience so many new things. For instance, on the drive there when we were losing radio stations and looking for new ones he said, "why did that station start sounding fuzzy?" I said, "well we are losing that station so we'll have to find a new one." He looked at me as if I had lost my mind and said, "you can't lose a radio station!" I explained to him that Tulsa radio stations aren't aired all over America and tried to explain the radio theory. He was shocked & it just cracked me up. I didn't realize he had never been out of Oklahoma before! This was all new to him. I had arranged to go to see the "bendies" again just so Tez could see them. I absolutely love the "bendies" and everyone who goes to Branson should see them. It will absolutely amaze you! The 'bendies' as I call them are actually the Shanghai Circus Amazing Acrobats of China or as the acrobats say it: "d amadzinG ackwobats O china". I started calling them the bendies when we went with Shan and I said she should "get with" one of them b/c they are REALLY bendie!! Sick I know but you can't help but wonder about their bedroom acrobatics while watching some of the crazy things they can do. Smaller children may not be as impressed b/c of the length of the show but our kids love it! Needless to say Tez was more than amazed! The next day was Silver Dollar City and Tez rode roller coasters with loops for the 1st time with ME! I love roller coasters and now I have someone to ride with since Martez is anti-loop! He cracked me up though - the 1st one I swear he screamed my name about 30 times within 5 seconds just terrified but we got off the ride and got right back on! He thought he would have a heart attack but he survived and loved it. Long story short we stayed the day at Silver Dollar City. That evening I looked through brochures and the phonebook finding more fun things for us to do when I stumbled upon a Presidents' Museum having a Laura Ingalls Wilder exhibit. I quickly called my mom and made plans to go when Martez was taking the two older boys to ride go carts. My mom and I were very excited UNTIL we arrived. First of all it was in an old building and we couldn't find the museum portion. After we rode the elevator a few times we finally found a lady to ask where to go, she informed my mom there was a bug on here arm.....IT WAS A FREAKING ROACH! UGH I HATE ROACHES! THAT IS JUST NASTY! We finally found the museum and the Laura Ingalls Wilder exhibit was less than half the size of my room. Basically one glass case of guns, antique irons,etc and lots of reading on top of the case and along the walls which also had old clothing..oh AND a tape player playing an interview over and over again. My mom and I couldn't help but laugh and laugh AND laugh. We were all excited and this was it!!! Plus through reading all the info we discovered that the show didn't exactly hold true....they had a bulldog not a border collie, Mary never married, Laura paid for Mary to go to school then took care of her the rest of her life, they only lived in the Little House on the Prairie location for a few months....this list could go on and on. Needless to say I think we were better off thinking the show was more realistic! However my Dad had warned us that since it was a traveling exhibit it would probably be small and we could NOT let him be right so we played up the exhibit QUITE a bit when talking about it with the men!! We went to the outlets. I FOUND A SCRAPBOOK STORE...BAD NEWS I TELL YOU!!! We took the kids to see Kirby Van Burch and got backstage passes hoping to find trap doors and stuff to prove our theories about all the magic tricks - no such luck! Magic baffles me! Every time I think I have a trick figured out they do something to disprove my theory. We also went to the Monster Museum and Dinosaur Museum and I don't recommend either. They are rinky dink and not worth the price at all. Then off to see Grandma Bryan or as the kids call her Grandma Souri b/c she lives in Missouri. We had lunch with her on Sunday then headed home!!!

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