Monday, May 12, 2008


I felt really bad after my blog about Mother's Day! I should be more appreciative of what I have. Lately life around here has been crazy! The past couple of months have been so busy for us and May is probably going to be the worst. We have so many things planned this month it is ridiculous and it doesn't look like it will all get done in May so it will flow into June which I was hoping would be a more relaxed month. So to make up for my selfish Mother's Day blog (I just felt bad but that doesn't mean I don't deserve BETTER!!!!) I am going to blog about my amazing mother. My mother raised four kids - 2 boys and 2 girls - while working with my dad to make success out of his business ventures. My father has always been an entrepeneur and my mother has always been right by his side. My mom is a kind-hearted, gentle, loving, supportive, non-confrontational, thrifty, and let's not forget funny woman! My mom is the type of funny that is sincere because half the time she doesn't even realize she is being funny. Some of my best true BELLY laughs are with my mom. I never realized when I was younger how much closer me and my mom would become once I had children of my own. I am not sure why that happens unless it is just a true appreciation of every thing your mother has done now that you are a mother and finally realize how hard being a mom can be!! I love my mom with all my heart and can't imagine my life without her! I talk to my mom every day about almost anything! Sometimes I feel like maybe it annoys her so I think I won't call over the weekend but then she will call me wondering what is going on so I know she doesn't mind. If something makes me mad, happy or sad for the most part I have to call my mother and tell her about it. I don't have very many friends now that married family life has taken over----well I have friends just not many that I talk to on a daily basis. When Elijah was about 7 months old, I returned to the working world reluctantly (where I have been stuck ever since!) but my mom wanted to watch Elijah and I sometimes marvel at the bond they have. She watched him all day until he was about 18 months when he started two days a week from 9:30 til 2 at WEE Ministries. I wanted him to be more social and to give her some of her time back but she would still pick him up from school and watch him until I got off. He then went to 4 days a week the next year so she only had him ALL day on Mondays and that was their "special" day. She watched him all the up to the first day of kindergarten which I think may have been harder on her than it was on me!! Not kidding! She also started watching Isaiah when he was about a month and they both just have her wrapped around her finger! Not kidding! They say jump, she says how high! It is almost sickening to watch! Here is an example: Elijah was home from school one day last month because of some medication the doctor had him on meant he couldn't be around other child for a few days so he went to my mom's house while I worked. On this particular day the crews were picking up tree limbs from the ice storm debris in my parents' neighborhood and Elijah wanted to watch so she parked in various driveways throughout the neighborhood so they could watch. I called my mom during this to ask how he was doing and could hear him oohing in the background. I asked what they were doing and when she told me I told her she was crazy. Her answer, "Well he wanted to watch! It's kind of cool!" Heaven forbid she say no! Later on that day after she had picked up Isaiah from school I called again to check on Elijah. I could hear the boys hollering in the background so again asked what they were doing. Her answer, "Well we drove around different neighborhoods for about 45 minutes until we finally found them picking up tree limbs again!"
My reply, "Mom that is it! You are being checked into a mental institute because you drove around aimlessly for 45 minutes looking for a crew picking up dead tree limbs just so the boys could watch! Don't you know the price of gas right now?!! You are crazy!"
Her answer, "Well they wanted to watch and since I didn't have baby earlier he didn't get to see and this will be one of the last weeks they will be picking up. It really is neat to watch. I do think the crew thinks I am a little looney though!"
HELLO! I don't think there is much she won't do for her grandchildren but it is funny to watch. I thank God for the bond she has with my children. I would leave Oklahoma in a heartbeat if I didn't have children but I want them to be close to their grandparents since I never had any that lived close to me. I had to just spend summer time with mine but I want them to experience them the way I never could. I am blessed that my mom wants to spend so much time with the kids. Sometimes she'll say things like "I discipline them! If you don't like it then fire me!" I never would but sometimes I think it would be funny to watch her beg for them back! Sick I know! She never shuts up about them. Seriously ask my dad! It is constant she can be in the middle of something then pop up with "oh did I tell you....." chances are she has already told the story about 50 times but she still gets a kick out of it and tell it again with her little laughs in between. I love my mom more than I ever thought possible and hope and pray I am half the mom that she is!

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