Friday, May 16, 2008


Wow is the only word I can think of to describe my day and the disbelief that I did it all! Let's see I started the day with taking three boys to three different schools and arranging pick up for one since his normal pick up routine would not work today. Then I went to have my brows done and my neck shaved. Wait let me clarify that one..; hair is really short now so the back part is shaved and I wanted it shaped up before the wedding tomorrow. Then I got gas in the truck, went to pick up Tez's contacts and have my glasses fitted, talked to my uncle and agreed to find him some neck extender deals (in my free time - goo d thing the tux place had them!), went to pick up the tuxes where I spent 45 minutes just waiting ... I was about to flip out and leave but I had no one else to pick them up in time! This is the embarrassing part I was on the phone with my sister ranting about Men's Wearhouse when I pulled into the mall, parked and walked in. I then realized I had NO reason to even be at the mall so I started laughing walked straight back out to my car and left! Way too much going on! I then went to two stores b/c I had to pick up pants for lil Tez and buy me some spanx. Then I drove to Bixby to help set up for the reception. I know if you read the Bixby BBQ and Blues Festival blog you heard me say I would hopefully never revisit the land of the pokes but alas I really had no choice! Let me add I got to Bixby at 1pm so everything I just told you was before 1 o'clock! After decorating I went to three more stores then got home around 4:15pm where I changed clothes and made the boys presentable very quickly so I could drive in rush hour to the church across town for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Afterwards I came home and wanted to just pass out! But had to do the whole nighttime know the drill.....I am beat! I should really get a personal assistant!

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