Saturday, May 17, 2008

MR. AND MRS. CASEY all know you dread them but can't wait for them either. I dreaded watching my niece Mikala get married for the simple fact I thought I would be a blubbering idiot. She was my baby doll. She was the first grand baby born when I was only 10. I never feel old except when I watch her life....I thought wow I am old when she graduated then went off to college and now I had to watch her join the married world. Hopefully she will put off having children for the mere fact of making me a Great- "great" Aunt! lol That could cause a breakdown! Just kidding secretly I can't wait to see if we could finally have another girl! I had seen Mikala's dress but had yet to see her IN the dress b/c of scheduling conflicts in the beginning then I decided I didn't want to see her in it until her wedding day. Wow my eyes are welling up just thinking of my first sight of her in her dress!

My little baby doll was a picture of beauty standing there just looking like a princess even more beautiful than the day she was born. I have to tell you besides my two children - my brothers three girls were the prettiest newborns I've ever seen. Of course my boys and his girls were all c-section babies so they had the advantage of no cone heads and stress of the vaginal birth but they were some cuties!! Every thing about her was beautiful...her smile, her hair, her complexion and her dress! Isaiah thought so too! She was sitting on the floor and he just walked over, laid down in her lap and said, "you so pwetty!" while playing with her necklace. A very cute unplanned moment and of course if you know me you know I took a picture.......

I have stressed about her getting married b/c I feel more protective of the girls and she is so young but I have now accepted the fact that she has to live her own life no matter what her worry wart aunt thinks. Although I haven't expressed any of my concerns over her marriage to HER since one it really isn't my business but I also didn't want to ruin her excitement and I knew I just had to deal with it on my own. I didn't cry and I was proud! I think I was more nervous about Isaiah being in the wedding and praying he wouldn't flip out! I did so good! I almost cried when she first walked in but I didn't. My favorite part of weddings is watching the groom's reaction when he first sees his bride and her reaction shortly afterwards.

They were both crying and it was so cute! I did manage to keep a dry eye until she read her vows then I just couldn't help but cry with her!

Pretty good looking crew!

Wedding all over now onto the reception.

The First Dance

I am so glad she got to have dancing! Isaiah was happy too! He started dancing at the beginning of the reception and I am not sure if he ever stopped! It was so freaking cute! He was cutting a rug and then there was Logan my nephew who dances like Elaine off of Seinfeld which is hil-ar-i-ous!

The reception was fun and now they are on their honeymoon both virgins until marriage that could be a tricky one! Oh I really shouldn't have added that.....but I did! LOL

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