Monday, November 03, 2008


So yesterday I went over to paint Avani's room ~ pink!!
First we had to sort and purge through Avani's belongings while she was gone!!
I was excited about pink!
I've never painted pink before!
Boys aren't too keen on pink walls!
My helpers never showed up!
The paint went on really light so it was hard to tell if there were any white spots left that is until it dried.
While rolling paint onto the wall a GIANT glob of pink paint flew into my eye.
Not being able to see my own eye or how large the glob was I brilliantly decided to wipe the glob away with my already paint covered hands.
Brilliant I tell you!
Sometimes I just scare myself with my own intelligence or lack there of..!
I then can NOT see so I go into the bathroom.
My entire top lid, lashes, contact, white of my eye, lower lashes and under the eye were..........PINK!!
It took forever to get it all out: remove the contact, clean the contact and getting the paint out of all the little creases in the lash line was FUN for sure!!
Painting resumes then I start to feel like I am trapped inside a GIANT bottle of pepto bismol!
Hmmm.....hope this room turns out okay when completed!
I painted the room all by myself in about 4 hours!
This was much faster than Addison's nursery that Avani helped me paint!
Note to parents: painting rooms will always be faster without a child underfoot and helping!!
Pictures should be up hopefully on Tues night when I go over to finish setting up the room!

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