Monday, November 24, 2008


Got to bed a little before 2am then laid there panicking that I wouldn't wake up to the 5:30am alarm clock so I have no clue what time I actually fell asleep but I know I woke up on time and didn't sleep long. Isaiah was already awake when I went in to get him and he is just a riot. I cut his hair last night and upon going potty and getting ready to leave he says abruptly, "What did you do to the back of my hair?" My response was, "I cut it like the rest of your hair!" "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY HAIR???" Honestly it looks just like the other 50 times I've cut his hair so I am unsure of the problem. I asked if he wanted me to fix his hair before we left and the little squirt said, "Yes Mommy I can't go like this I need my hair fixed!" Funny that this morning of all mornings he wanted his hair fixed when he gripes every morning that I fix it. I think it may have been a stall tactic!! Upon arrival at the hospital he whined, "I've awweady been here before! I want to go home now!" I found it odd that he remembered this hospital since he was only there once for his first ear tube/adenoid removal 18 months before.

He was calm, timid, whiny and grouchy but for the most part very good ~ no end of the world fits before surgery!! He kept kissing Little Bill and telling him everything will be "otay"! They had given him his "happy juice" when he then began the drug induced happy phase and started to beat himself in the head with Little Bill.
They took him back promptly at 8:15am. The crocodile tears rolled down his sweet little cheeks as they took him away. I tried to reassure him everything would be ok and he could have a popsicle when he was done but I just wanted to cry and hug him tight! That is the worst feeling ~ handing them over for the unexpected and knowing it will cause them pain! We went to eat breakfast in the new cafeteria. During his first surgery we ate breakfast here before they even had the cafeteria and they had GREAT food and amazing cinnamon rolls. Cafeteria built ~ food quality down! The cook was talking about how amazing her pancakes were and how they tasted just like heaven. Not sure how heaven "tastes" but I am a bona fide pancake lover so I got one! This pancake was no one near mine and now I KNOW mine taste like heaven or pretty darn close!! First of all I had grabbed the plastic silverware and the knife would NOT cut through my PANCAKE! HMMM......I then went to get real silverware and still found it hard to cut through. The actual taste of the pancake was not bad after sawing off a bite BUT the bottom of the pancake was so hard I had to pray I wouldn't chip my teeth!! Not kidding! The syrup was not good either! I took some extra stuff out to the car then we went to the waiting room where we only waited about 10 mins when Dr. Cutie-pants-love-him-for-his-patience-and-fixing-our-baby-boy walked in. I said, "wow speedy gonzalez you are right on the nose with that 45 min surgery!!"

Here is the news we got:

  • surgery went great
  • he was sleeping in recovery
  • his adenoids were gone but his tonsils were huge and pushing into all kinds of other areas? (didn't ask!)
  • His tonsils were really big and nasty with gunk stuck into little crevices
  • He actually had pockets of ROTTEN FOOD embedded in his tonsils, This could explain the horrid breath of a small forest creature devouring spoiled food! Yes I gagged in disbelief at this news! I did NOT know this was even possible and that is beyond disgusting!!!
  • He replaced the tubes but had to recreate another hole in the right ear because he had a large hole in the ear drum that had to be patched.
  • They will be watching this hole/patch to make sure it heals properly b/c it may need more repairing when he is older!
  • He wants to retest his hearing once the patch has been on for a few weeks

Back to recovery for our angry groggy little bear to flip out until he truly awakens!! Not a happy camper! He does not like the hospital!! He only wants an orange popsicle and all they have is blue! He does not like their apple juice ~ explaining it is nasty! (Good thing I brought along our own!) Totally despised the IV in the hand and would NOT calm down until it was out! Flipped out because he did not like the band aid they placed on his hand upon removing the IV! His mouth hurt, he wanted his tonsils back and he wanted to go HOME! He wanted to wear his own pjs and not their gown! He wanted to wear his OWN socks instead of the slipper socks they gave him!

The humorous side of the recovery room was this: Isaiah had taken his "Little Bill" doll into surgery with him. You know Little Bill (Cosby) the cartoon character who wears the same shirt daily with a giant B on it. The Doctor says, "Oh look a little Barack Obama doll!" The nurses responded while laughing, "No Doc I think that is Little Bill!" Seriously a Barack Obama doll?! That would be weird!

We got back home at 10:45am. They had said to try to give him anything soft that he might actually eat then give him his pain medicine around noon. They also explained that the majority of kids WON'T eat a thing but he absolutely has to stay hydrated so as long as he is drinking he will be fine. So the plan was to come home, attempt to feed the boy, give him the pain meds and then take a forever long nap with him!

Plan not working out so well for me! It is now 1:15pm and the only sleep he has done since waking up from surgery is about 10 minutes during the car ride home. He came home ate a snack pack of applesauce and an orange popsicle. He then watched cartoons with Daddy until he could take the medicine at 12pm. I gave him the medicine at 11:50pm and little soldier boy is now talking on the phone to Chai while playing with cars and he just finished his purple popsicle!! He is now crying b/c he just RAN in here to get his shoes so he can go outside which is not allowed right now! Calgon take me away! I pray the rest of his recovery is this easy but I've heard the first day is the easiest and around the fifth day is the worst!! You will hear about it if he coughs up some big 'ol nasty smelling scab ~ trust me! *gagging....* Dear Lord make his recovery a speedy and pain free one.....pretty pretty please!


  1. LOVE those pics of Isaiah and Martez....too precious!

  2. My youngest son Matt had the same surgery and has been the healthiest, happiest boy ever since. The doctor also said he had never seen such a horrible set of tonsils! He even had a growth spurt right after the surgery (he had always been small) Hope he feels better soon and thanks for stopping by my blog!


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