Saturday, November 01, 2008


The boys played their first football playoff game this morning. They played Sand Springs and won 32 - 0! I think Elijah may be "juicin'" b/c he was hitting too hard to be 6!! Just kidding about the "juicin'"!! He made a couple of kids cry and one refused to run the ball anymore. It is so odd b/c on one hand I am sad for that little boy but on the other hand I am proud of mine. Is that wrong? Torn.
Touchdown Elijah!!
Don't let them get you down baby! Go baby go! That's my boy! Check out Carson's mom in the background!

This was one of the refs at the game. He wanted me to take his pic and give it to all my single friends. I said, "Ok better yet I will put you online!" Here he is!
End of game rally ~ Zay always has to be involved too and he can't keep his hands off of Parker
You guys are #1 in my book!
Isaiah and his obsession Parker

Carson scored again in the LAST second of the game to make the score 32 - 0!
After the game I was supposed to go paint Avani's room, this did not happen today and I must say I was not too upset about it!! We planned on staying to watch the game right after ours HOWEVER that lead to them FORCING ME to then go out to eat then HELD ME AT GUN POINT to return to watch two more games. To see what I said to the cheating coach who we recently found out is a preacher, click here! It felt so nice! I pretended to enjoy the games and I think my cheering made the act more believable!! Just kidding we ended up watching several games and I enjoyed it ~ shhhhhhh....please don't tell anyone...I don't want to blow my cover!!! Then off to Chai's house. She was having a REALLY bad morning and in a lot of pain so I felt like crap for not having my phone when she called needing me to come over. Wow I felt really bad so I stayed for about 8 hours! Her mom came and took the girls for the evening so Chai could rest but we ended up just talking and laughing for hours!! Good times! I had a really good day today! By the way Thanks to the Harveys for coming to yet another game today!

Tammi and her granddaughters

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