Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This year Isaiah went trick-or-treating for the first time! Last year he was sick on that night. The year before too cold and small for him to really participate. Yippee! So his older brother teaches him the whole "trick-or-treat" saying which in my mind was to teach him to say "trick-or-treat". Nope I was wrong! They taught him the WHOLE little slogan!

Cute to hear him say but I really didn't want him to say that so I had to reteach him to JUST say trick-or-treat. I told him it wasn't nice to talk about pulling others pants down besides the fact I wouldn't put it passed him to try it!! He said it oh so softly at each door but I think all they really heard was Thank you! Oh well at least he was thankful! Trick-or-treating was sort of dead this year. Our entire street was dark and no one was handing out candy. I thought about taking the boys to my parents' neighborhood but alas I was tired and I hoped this years' trick-or-treat outing could be short and sweet since we had already been to two parties. We went to the other side of our neighborhood like we had done in prior years but honestly probably a 1/4 of the people handed out candy compared to before. The long walking in between participating houses was getting on my nerves b/c I ended up carrying a bunch of crap. I excitingly asked the boys if they wanted to go home to hand out candy and make homemade pizza. Much to my surprise they said, "Yea Mom let's go home!" Hmm...I should have tried that idea a little earlier. We went home, made pizza and only had one trick-or-treater ALL night at almost 9pm. This particular t-o-t was our next door neighbor who was happy with the excessive amount of candy he was given since he was our only t-o-t!! Sad t-o-t experience if you ask me but luckily we had gone to two parties already and had more than our share of candy. Elijah will be selling his candy in the next couple of days since he doesn't eat candy. Wierd I tell you!

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