Monday, November 03, 2008


It's that time of the week again........time for........

First of all I did not skip ALL football practices this week....Monday, Tuesday and Thursday!! Not me b/c I love football so much I wish we could practice everyday. Rest is overrated! I would never do that b/c I am a grade A football mom. I normally try to go to at least one a week BUT I did NOT feel it!!

I did NOT want to kick myself in the head for volunteering for crap ALL the time! Volunteering is good, RIGHT? Even if you are so dead tired you CAN'T sleep and you just want to cry! I need to learn to say NO to those who never lift a finger of their own!!

I did NOT drive Chaitra and Addison to see her stepdad for a doctor's appt about an hour away and then almost fall asleep several times on the way home. Nope NOT ME! That would be irresponsible. The car was NOT so peaceful with Chaitra, Addison and Isaiah all sound asleep and the radio was NOT so quiet that I had to concentrate to even hear a thing. I did NOT need to blast the radio and sing at the top of my lungs to keep myself awake b/c that would've woke everyone up and I was NOT sleepy, remember. I did NOT want to blast COLD air on my face and make the car an iceberg b/c then the children might get too cold. I did NOT drift into another lane b/c I'VE NEVER DONE THAT! If I had done any of this, that would give my husband something to finally make me shut up about him falling asleep and almost killing our whole family last summer....good thing this did NOT happen, huh, I would hate for him to have ammo!

I did NOT voluntarily watch extra football games on Saturday. I did NOT do this b/c I am not "footbally" remember!! Then when the only team that has beat us this season was SERIOUSLY getting their butts kicked in a playoff game I was NOT one bit happy that the cheating, non-rule abiding, mean-to-his-team, hat throwing Coach was flipping out. He then tried to say, "Oh my quarterback got hurt!" when people started to say things to HIM not his team. I guess he never learned that one player does not make a team! At this lame attempt to make an excuse for his serious loss I certainly did NOT yell out "SURE IS ALOT HARDER TO WIN WHEN YOU HAVE TO PLAY BY THE RULES, HUH! KARMA! THANKS REFS!" while standing only about 40ft from him. Good thing I did NOT do this huh b/c that could be construed as sarcastic and vendictive.....but NICE!! I think he did NOT like that I did NOT call him out!

I did NOT lose my stomach when coaches who were scouting our team during our playoff game said they had to watch #1 and #10 on BA Gold. #10 is my son!! I think we should switch up the jerseys so my boy can incognito!! However I would NOT do that!

I did NOT once again take 5 gazillion pictures at the football game! Did I mention we won our first playoff game 32 to ZIP!? Our boys are monsters!

We certainly did NOT go out to eat once this weekend b/c that would've broke our pact NOT to eat out. We also did NOT go out to eat once last weekend. Nope NOT us! Saving money here! We always turn down invitations to eat out with friends b/c we are NOT eating out anymore!!

I did NOT unknowingly sniff the "butt scratching" hand of my three year old. I think that should actually say I WISH I had NOT smelled it!!

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