Sunday, November 23, 2008


Friday I finally decided to go to the doctor after not being able to breathe through my nose for at least two weeks if not more. I mainly went b/c I was starting to cough and didn't want to not be able to go to the recovery room after Zay's surgery on Monday b/c I had some nastiness going on! So he asks what is wrong and I reply with, "Well I haven't been able to breath through my nose for at least two weeks. I am sneezing constantly. My ears popped and now everything sounds muffled. I started coughing about two days ago but I don't feel it is in my chest but rather just a really bad tickle or something stuck in my throat. My jaw, eyes and cheeks hurt and my head is almost to the point of exploding. Other than that I am fine thanks!!" He then looks in my ears with a deep MMM..HMM! Then he looks in my nose and really says, "Wow you definitely have something going on here and it's DISGUSTING!" Thanks Doc! He then looks in my throat and says, "I found the tickle in your throat. It is snot running down from your nose!" I thought hearing that would make me gag but I was just baffled by his brutal honesty and had to laugh as Isaiah repeated everything he said!!! He then said, "Well I am putting you on steroids which should make you feel better almost immediately but keep taking them. I am also putting you on some serious antibiotics that will probably give you diarrhea!" My response to him was a shocking, "No biggie to me I have IBS aka diarrhea EVERYDAY in fact about two minutes after I take my last bite of each meal I am already on my way to the bathroom especially if I drink milk! I really don't know why I am fat because nothing stays in my body too long!" How is that for blunt! As for the steroids and the so called immediate relief--bunch of crap all they are doing is making me sweat!! After three days of steroids, antiobiotics, nose spray, warm compressing and facial massaging, I am no better off than I was Friday just $37.65 poorer!! Thanks Doc! They really called this morning to see if I was any better......"NOPE! I stopped coughing but I still can't breath and my head could easily explode at any moment!!" "OK well go ahead and add a decongestant! We will be in the office tomorrow if you need to come back in!" Great so now I can add dry mouth to the list of ailments!!

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