Sunday, November 23, 2008


Oh I have missed you but life has been crazy the last couple of weeks and unfortunately I haven't been able to blog even at work...hehe....shhhh!
Really life has just been crazy! The boys won the INFC Championship so football is over for now; however, with the end of football came the beginning of basketball. We are coaching this year and I am not quite sure how much that excites me. Actually I should say Martez is coaching since I was able to eeekkkk my way out when Bryan, one of asst. football coaches, volunteered to help with basketball. Woohoo!! So now I guess I am team Mom and been emailing team info, changing around practice days, ordering uniforms, coming up with team shirts.............aaaahhhhh the list could go on and on. I love basketball though so I can't wait!! Luckily we were able to get 6 of the football players onto our team of 8 so the boys can be together and have fun with their friends. This is also GREAT for me since I know the other Moms and they are helpful, funny and sarcastic just like moi!! But now I am so behind on blogging and oh how I have missed it. Make NO mistake about it I have not missed a day of actually reading all my favorite blogs only writing and I feel like I haven't written in months. Here I am folks expect many blogs in the next few days cause YA'LL (okie term) have a lot of catching up to do!!! Enjoy or rip your own hair out trying to keep up!

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