Tuesday, November 04, 2008


So a little behind from last week...here we go with catch up!! Last Wed we went to the Fall Festival at the Darnell's church. Games, candy, hayride, a box maze that Elijah became obsessed with, bonfire, facepainting.....who could resist. Not us! Just another reason for me NOT to stay home and do my much needed housework! Gotta love it!
Parker as Indiana Jones
They had a clown doing some amazing face painting with so much to choose from and he chooses to be a vampire. We tried to talk him into the many cool designs she could do but he still want to be a vampire so.......
..here he is - my son as a "vampire hulk"!
Ready for the hayride
I was trying to take a pic of Zay on the hayride. He was a little unsure of the fun factor involved with the hayride. However half the picture is the man next to him with his "big dog" undies!! lol
Pretty Miss Ellie
Brian ~ yes he is crazy!

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