Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Presenting the competition with a united front!!

Last night the boys had their second playoff game against Skiatook Red. Before the game, the Skiatook coaches were waiting outside the gate. The Skiatook coach actually offered my hubby money NOT to play Elijah in the game. I was in disbelief and thought for sure this was a joke; however, when my hubby said, "Are you kidding me?" the coach replied with, "Well NOT if you take the money!" You can't be serious!! These are 6 yr old boys and this is not the Superbowl. There is no money involved in winning the championship just the right to be called champions! I still think we should turn him in b/c it is obviously illegal but I still wonder how much he would have actually paid! Too funny and sad at the same time! This was THE game of ALL games!! An awesome football game! True nail biter and my stomach was in absolute knots! It was rather funny how people migrated over to cheer for our boys. Parents who could no longer sit in anticipation were standing along the fence line with perfect strangers who were cheering for OUR boys. Teams waiting to play were watching because it was just an AWESOME GAME!! At half time a lot of the parents and onlookers were worried and I was not about to give up telling them to look at our history. Our boys always come back stronger in the second half. Always! Even when we are way ahead at halftime they still come back to hit HARDER, run faster and further and THEY NEVER GIVE UP!! Wow this game was so good I felt like I could get sick at any moment. Our boys FOUGHT for this win that they so deserved! Fought right up to the last second! I almost cried when they won just b/c I knew how bad they wanted it and how hard they had worked. Don't say anything b/c you just can't understand the game unless you were there. Many of the Moms were a nervous wreck. We all stormed the field when they won to go get OUR BOYS!!! I have goosebumps just thinking of that moment!!
Good tackle Carson!
Halfway through the fourth quarter we scored then held them back!!
I thought it was over but they added some time. This was the final score!!
Our Coaches were so happy!
Tez was really proud of his little brother and it was so cute!

I know this picture is blurry but I love it anyway!

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