Saturday, November 22, 2008


Wow if I thought I was nervous wreck before Thursday's game then that was an understatement because the real nerves took hold after I knew we were playing in the championship game Nov 8th!! Let's see Friday morning was donut day for the kids then I proceeded to go "potty" about 5 times in between taking kids to school and the 90 minutes I had before my haircut. I then had multiple errands to run before picking up all three boys at different schools. It is amazing how my Fridays off are taking up by taking kids to school, donut day, errands and appts then picking the kids up from school. I might as well work b/c I think it would be a lot less hectic. Anyhow I was nervous all day and the only thing I ate between Thursday's playoff game and Saturday's morning championship game was a glazed twist, a glazed donut and plenty of TUMS!!! Why was I like this? Got me!!?? I was a wreck. I really wanted the boys to win and have a wonderful time but I didn't want too much disappointment if they lost because they are still a remarkable group of boys. I didn't want anyone to get injured. I didn't want to oversleep and miss the game. I didn't want it to be too cold (no such luck on that one). Friday night, sleep was pretty much impossible and Saturday morning my stomach was a mess but with the constant feeling I could vomit at any second I could NOT eat. I then went to the bathroom at the field about four times in the hour before the game until I went to my car and ate the remaining TUMS I had brought to the game. After the TUMS I was pretty good until the END of the fourth quarter, when I had to sit on the medical case on the sidelines because for the FIRST time in the game we were no longer in the lead. They gave us a little over a minute but that is all we needed to score and WIN THE INFC CHAMPIONSHIP!!! I cried with excitement, relief and overwhelming pride I felt for this team!! You would think they had won the superbowl or something. Some people look at us like we are idiots and make too much out of this team but I say, "just wait until it is your child!!" Then when asked what we are going to be like by high school my answer is "heavily sedated" but excited for scholarships and NFL so we can get a HUGE house!! Just kidding I do not care if the boys even play sports but I will support them in the fullest with anything they want to venture into with the exceptions of golf and baseball which I find so boring that I would sleep on the bleachers!! Here are the pics - I took so many that I just made a slideshow!!

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