Tuesday, December 02, 2008


FYI: During my Black Friday/Birthday shopping I bought a new printer/copier/scanner! Woohoo!! I am very excited and will be hooking the new baby up tomorrow evening. YOU, on the other hand, should be afraid, be very afraid!! I have millions of old pics that I will be scanning.....YOU know who you are right.....Jen, Shan, Cheryl (the only people I really know on blogger but hey I may need to pull out pics of all my myspace friends...dodododo).....oh the fun I will have searching through old pictures and scanning them for blackmail material...oops I mean blogging material!!! Just kidding girls, well a little!! I won't put up any really bad pictures b/c I know you also own pictures of me and scanners so I will be nice while I am having fun!! Now I can scan old baby pics of Elijah that aren't digital and you all can see just how much my boys look alike at certain ages...creepy! Can't wait!!

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  1. Oh, no!! When we were home for Thanksgiving last week I found my 5th grade "yearbook"--that purple and yellow paper thing. With TONS of pictures. Now if I could just get my scanner to work...


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