Monday, December 15, 2008


In an attempt to get Isaiah to do as he is told the first time when asked to do anything, I have been quoting the Bible since he is always quick to tell Elijah when he is mad that "Jesus won't wike that!". When asked to put his pjs on he refused, I said, "Jesus doesn't like it when you tell me No! God said in the Bible for children to obey their parents!" Isaiah witty reply was, "Jesus didn't say that to you because Meme said Jesus is busy in the twouds (clouds) making snow so I tan make a snowman!" My response was "okay then go get your pjs and do as you are told or I will spank your butt". His next response was, "Tan I use your phone Mommy so I tan tall the police!" Ummm let me think, NO!! I then told him he better "watch his mouth" before I call the police because he is disobeying his parents! He then disappeared and I believed he was getting his pjs when in fact I learned a little while later he was in my bathroom. When asked what he was doing he said, "I am watching my mouth like you told me to tuz I don't want you to tall the police!" Well at least he was actually doing what I told him to do for a change so I guess I can't complain!


One of the older neighbor kids that I am not too fond of was outside with me and Elijah while we were talking about Santa. The boy chimes in with, "Santa isn't even real". WHAT? Yes I KNOW the TRUE meaning of Christmas is not Santa BUT it is part of the fun of Christmas and I am not ready for Elijah to stop believing in Santa YET especially with a three-year old believer in the house. The boy KEPT on and on and on. I tried winking at him so he would stop. I had a comeback for each of his little reasons why Santa is not real. The kid would NOT stop! He never stops ~ he is always so mouthy I don't even like for him to come to our house. I was getting annoyed and worried as Elijah just stared and listened intently to the boy's reasoning. He then said, "Well Santa can't possibly make it to every house in the world in one night and I've heard my Mom and Grandma whispering that we were finally asleep so they could put out the Santa gifts. Santa is not real!" I couldn't help myself and I know it was not exactly the "adult" thing to do but I said, "Santa is real to those who truly believe and we are sorry that Santa doesn't come to YOUR house because he knows you are not a believer but he definitely still comes to OUR house! Maybe you should start acting better so you make the "good" list!" He didn't say another word!


  1. I would have just told the punk to get lost, I didn't want him at my house anyway- he might scare Santa away from my kids because he was so rotten....but then, I guess that wouldn't have been very adult, either.


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