Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My Dec 10th photo for the December *08 Photo Project is a beautiful sight for me!! Never seen this sight husband holding a new baby GIRL...have you ever seen anything more beautiful!! Probably be a little more of a sight to behold if only she were actually ours!! Yes I have seen the hubby with girls but none this tiny. He picked her up from my Mom's house because Chai had her wisdom teeth out this morning, my Mom watched her all day then I was going to watch her this evening. I told Martez to go ahead and pick her up when he picked up Isaiah ~ he did and I came home to this sight! I said, "Don't move I have to get the camera!" I then said I needed to call Mom to see what time she last ate and he replied with, "I've fed her, changed her and put her back to sleep!" I think I felt a tear in my eye. How amazing is he?! And she isn't even ours! He's even a good Daddy for those who don't have someone to call Daddy!! I replied with, "Does she make you want just one more?" His answer, "YES!" IF only I could be guaranteed a little baby girl! Alas this guarantee is not possible so I am stuck to spoiling my friends' little girls and more than happy to do so! I just love this sight! I love this man and I love this new baby girl! We can't wait for Shan to go to school so we can also have our other "Q"T back around too! Zay really misses his "gwurlfend"!

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  1. This is such an adorable sight! She is such a little angel! With the way your "Q"T has been acting lately- you can have her all you want. lol Maybe she and Isaiah would stay out of trouble if they were together.... Of course, you'd love it because she's totally into dressing in her recital costume and playing "Princess". You have to call her "Princess" and she calls you "Princess"'s adorable!


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