Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Remember a while back when I first moved my blog over to blogger and I made a list of the projects I wanted to do well I have done a few more and here they are~~

First of all I did the Halloween bags made out of t-shirts. I had seen somewhere (don't remember where so if it was your idea and you are reading this than I am sorry I am not giving you credit b/c I forgot where I saw this) how to make "green" grocery bags out of old tank tops and up crept the idea to make Halloween treat bags out of halloween t-shirts (kid-sized). Much easier to pack away with halloween stuff than those big 'ol pumpkin baskets. So super easy just sew the bottom shut, cut off the sleeves about an inch from the seam then I cut the overhang to the seam so the edges looked ragged. Did that make any sense? The holes from the arms are the handle and the hole for the head is the hole to put candy in. Make sense? Sorry I don't instruct crafts very often!!
Not sure why this pic has such horrible color but notice the sleeve edges.
My next project takes NO talent what so ever! Love those! I was going to craft it up but I didn't do to time and NEEDING to use the finish project to help my son. I created sight word books. SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE! I have seen some that are all crafty with different colors and crafty little pictures but I just needed it finished so I could use it. Just buy a cheap photo album ~ I got mine at Big Lots. I then just did an excel document with four words to a page so each section is almost "picture" size, cut them apart and filled the book well actually I filled about three books. I used both his kindergarten and 1st grade sight words as well as some other simple words and all the color names and numbers as words. I also made one for Isaiah with colors, numbers, letters and family names ~ I need him occupied while I work with Elijah on reading. I know anyone can do this on their own however if you have a kindergartener or 1st grader I saved the excel document so I can email the document so all that you would have to do is print, cut and fill your own book. Just let me know! Since I am worldwide and all! That cracks me up ~ I have like no following at all so I really don't know who I am talking to besides myself, a couple of friends and a couple of family members but I would like to think those lurkers really might be interested in what I do!!

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