Saturday, December 27, 2008


Last Sunday December 21st my hubby, my boys, Shandolynne, Quinlynne, Mommacita Cleta and myself were
OFF TO.....


Our tickets were bought before we realized how cold it was going to be so any other trip taken to ride the train will be planned according to the weather. It was freezing....well actually it was below freezing. When we left our house it said 33 degrees and the temp gauge in the truck kept dropping on the way there. Once we arrived it was 17 degrees and I VERY quickly realized I had forgotten gloves for all of us. Luckily, Mommacita Cleta had a spare pair to fit me but my hands were frozen simply walking from the truck to the gate and they hurt something awful. So first thing we did was figure out what we could do INDOORS! Straight to take the pictures with Santa since we knew he was inside with his jolly self. There was a wait but we certainly did not mind being inside so none of us complained instead we took the opportunity to take pics...imagine that I know!
Shandolynne and I surprisingly found out besides extra warmth, scarves are good to hide double chins!! Go ahead, we laughed too!
I love Lester for buying this Minnesota Eskimo coat for his lovely Cleta! It too made us laugh so go ahead! She didn't want to take her hat off inside for fear the hair could be scary!
How many tries do you think it took to get a picture of these two?

The answer is we do not truly know! That would involve them BOTH looking at the camera while smiling AND sitting still ~ that is way too much to ask when they get together!
Same answer goes for these two! I think it is a conspiracy!
Much easier to just take a smiling picture of Elijah!
Finally they called our number! Woohoo!
Elijah, Isaiah and Quinlynne climbed into his lap and started chatting and the picture is taken. We looked at the first take ~ Isaiah and Quinlynne looked less than enthused and Elijah looked like he was on drugs with his eyes only half open. The photographer says, "How many would you like one for ten or three for fifteen?" Hmmm...let's think NONE! "Can you retake the picture since his eyes are shut?" we asked and he really said, "Well his eyes are half way open but okay!" I guess we bothered him. We bought the second take not because it was that much better but for memory sake. Off to eat which is also indoors! I had to laugh though. The pamphlets and website said the restaurants were "fast food pricing". Fine whatever ~ it didn't really matter since we were here for the experience not the food. Ok well I have never paid $46 at a fast food restaurant for 3 chicken sandwiches with fries, a corn dog with fries, broccoli with cheese and four drinks! Again it was funny to me! Off to ride the Christmas train!
Isaiah was so excited to get to ride a train since trains are his newest obsession but once we got on he panicked a little and said, "I want to go home now!"
Martez ended up carrying all of the blankets and looking like a homeless man! On the way home the temperature went from 12 to 9 degrees! That is way too cold for me esp. since that didn't include the wind chill! We were all excited to go but I think the temperature definitely put a damper on our fun! We really didn't do probably a quarter of the things offered because it was so cold but we still had a good time. Maybe next time we'll go in November!

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