Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Our lemon is all out of juice and with this little tidbit of information comes good news and bad news! Yesterday Martez's truck aka the "Lemon" was supposed to be finished and ready to go with a new water pump and new thermostat; HOWEVER, I received a call which caused mixed feelings. David, the Lemon's mechanic, called to inform me the lemon needs a new motor. David knows my hatred toward our ugly little money pit and explained the situation in great detail when the only detail I needed was the lemon needs a new motor. Because it is a Range Rover and the difficulty involved, the job would be at least $4000 and this truck isn't worth me even saying $4000 outloud. This is the point when I prayed really hard that my husband would realize it would be incredibly stupid to fix this and would give up the truck once and for all!!! Although this is "good" news in a sense, this leaves us with the dilemna of finding hubby a car so wifey does not have to wake up at 4am and go straight to the looney bin. Believe it or not, we still have idiots people wanting to buy the car simply because it carries the name Lemon, piece of crap, the Range Range Rover! How vane are they? Who cares!! I feel like even getting absolutely nothing and just being rid of the heap is a blessing in disguise. In order for us to get the car out, we would have to pay about $700 plus have it towed then sell it for next to nothing and I don't trust these idiots individuals enough to take the chance that they change their mind and we are out $700 for a dead car! I wish we had a few thousand to go buy a car from an individual since I have found many alas we do not have a few thousand lying around and we will have to start the whole car payment deal all over again. Hopefully we find some cheap, dependable and able to be fixed anywhere we please!! Until then donations and 4am rides will be accepted.....ha!

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  1. ya, so I am TOTALLY not offering a 4am ride. That is out of the question for me. My hubbie would be walking if he had to be anywhere at 4am!
    You should have said something at Christmas Train. I am terrible at names or even knowing where I may know someone from. I may recognize your face but have no idea where from! I would have liked to have met you!


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