Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I can't even remember a time when Elijah hasn't been in love with nature. Most children watch cartoons and yes he does too BUT mostly if Elijah is watching television he is watching the Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel or Animal Planet. He is my little tree hugger always warning me about using too much water and killing the dolphins. Funny how he forgets this fact when I have to scream or should I say lovingly remind him to get out of his 20 minute steaming hot shower! Well yesterday while helping him aka cleaning his room he sternly says, "Mom did you rip up any paper today or throw away your plastic water bottles? Hmm...hmmm...did you...huh...huh?" My flustered response, "I don't know probably. Well no I didn't 'rip' paper, why?" "BECAUSE YOU ARE KILLING THE TREES!!!" THEN BEGAN THE SPIEL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ELIJAH.

All this to say today I visited The Stubby Pencil Studio and purchased some ecofriendly stocking stuffers for the boys. Plus we can use them during crafts while all shut up from the freezing winter weather that I loathe!! I also signed up for our town's curbside recycling program today which I said I was going to do a year ago but kept forgetting. Now it is done! The majority of our bulbs have been switched to the energy saving kind...you know the bulbs that cost more but in the long run are supposed to save money. I actually did that a year ago and haven't noticed any savings so it must just be pennies!! I am gradually switching my household cleaners as I run out of the normal "bad" cleaners. I plan on trying to make some cleaners too.....that could be funny so stay tuned! Until next time America........

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