Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I am hosting my very 1st giveaway! My nieces who read my blog are saying, "Ooo....what is she talking about! She's finally lost her mind!" For those of you new to the blog world ~ read on! For the obsessed bloggers ~ remember this is my first giveaway! Yes in a since this is a ploy to get more traffic to my blog and I love comments so this could go one of three ways ~ I get a ton of feedback and have a successful first giveaway, my family will be the only ones to join in and my nieces will win or absolutely no one will join in on the fun and I will end up keeping my very 1st giveaway!

First of all I want you all to know I am in no way a extreme-green-tree-hugging-environmentalist, HELLO I might get a splinter or worse a tick; however, my six year old son might end up this way in fact he will be the boy-who-lives-in-a-tree-with-his-pet-monkey-headline-news-at-10! He loves everything about nature and constantly watches Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel! He is always telling me about saving water, using paper not plastic and recycling. I know there are many people out there that do not believe all the global warning hype, but can you truly discard ALL of it when children still have so long to live in this world. I know I've noticed major changes in weather for many parts of our world. Have you? I decided a while back I was going to attempt the whole "green" thing. Not to the extreme but at least to do what I can! Well that attempt only saw the new-expensive-energy-saving-but-haven't-noticed-a-lower-electric-bill-like-promised-lightbulbs and water saving tips! Sad I know! Quit mocking me!!

Here's a little chuckle for you ~ I bought some environmentally friendly stocking stuffers for the boys from The Stubby Pencil Studio and totally forgot about them because they were "stuffed" away and I felt like an idiot when I found them a couple of days after Christmas. I also bought myself the eco friendly highlighter pencil since I go through a million highlighters at work. I like it, it is eco-friendly, it doesn't bleed through and I think it will last MUCH MUCH longer than a normal highlighter. Good thing Elijah has a birthday coming really soon so they can still be a gift!

Recently at the urging of my child I looked into recycling and little did I know our city offers a recycling program complete with a bin and twice a month pickup for only $2 a month added to our water bill. I signed up and had my bin with all the info within TWO DAYS! My Mom says I could drop it off for free; HOWEVER, I would have to buy my own bins and drive them there which I am sure would be more than $2 a month just in gas and the exhaust fumes would then harm our environment.....ok ok I am just lazy extremely busy and the pick up is more convenient! Long story short I signed up for the recycling thinking it would probably take me the whole two weeks to fill the bin with plastics, metals and glass b/c I didn't realize how much we use. WOW the bin was overflowing BEFORE the end of the first week and that didn't even include ANY paper. I got to thinking about what all the statistics say and thinking about how I could possibly help. Recycling is so easy anyone can do it and the kids even help. If we use this much, then think about how much we could recycle at work, school and the homes of family and friends. I am still trying to think of a way to get the boys' schools involved in some recycling contest but I have some details to iron out.....hint hint....I am requesting ideas!

I am also looking into switching all of our household cleaners to homemade "green cleaners"! I know, I know I've said that before but this time I mean it ok! I don't know if I am doing that more for the enviroment or because the bill to stock up on cleaning supplies just ticks me off! So this year instead of the usual "I want to lose weight/work out!" resolution, I have decided to be a mean-green-recycling-house cleaner making-queen! I will be looking for "green" household cleaning recipes to experiment with, recycling ideas and getting everyone I can involved since merely switching out the bulbs probably hasn't done a bit of good!

Stay tuned for the rules, particulars, requirements, prize info for the
Cool name huh! Hey if this doesn't build any traffic then at least the 10 people who read will have a better chance of winning!

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