Monday, December 01, 2008


It is time again for my new love Not Me! Monday started by MckMama! Enjoy!
  • I am definitely NOT STILL driving around with my truck shoe polished from my son's championship football game and I am NOT using it again as one of my NOT me's b/c that would mean it is still on my truck after yet another week and it's NOT!
  • I did NOT panic when after Zay's surgery the pain meds had an adverse effect and made him REALLY hyper. I did NOT call and ask for different medicine in hopes it might knock him out. I am NOT in shock b/c my son's surgery recovery has been uneventful to the point of him being his totally ornery normal self.
  • I did NOT join the masses of crazed Black Friday shoppers because that would also mean I am a little crazy myself, right?@?!! I did NOT wake up at 4am thinking it was 2:30am because I am NOT a morning person so that fact in itself would verify my craziness!! I did NOT enjoy my Black Friday/Birthday shopping mainly because I was KID FREE!! I did NOT pull out unknowingly in front of my brother also shopping with the masses who then honked at me and I yelled "Ah get over it!". I then did NOT receive a phone call from said brother who realized he had just called his sister "a stupid winch" on her birthday because that would mean he recognized my car by the shoe polish that is NOT still on the truck!!! Oops good thing that did NOT happen! I did NOT want to man handle the idiots with three carts of stuff in the self checkout lane in Wal-mart thinking it would be faster for them to handle the checkout process on their own but in fact took longer b/c the workers had to come over to help about 200 times! No definitely did NOT want to do that because yet again that would make me a part of the crazy mass of shoppers ready to move onto the next store for a great deal!
  • I then did NOT finish my Black Friday shopping, come home put on my pjs sleep until 1pm then stay in my pjs ALL day while doing absolutely nothing productive then retire in those same pjs!! Hey it was my Birthday so I had the right to do this or NOT do it!
  • I did NOT go out to eat with the hubby and plan to go to the movies but when we were too late for the movie offer to just go home so he could watch the OU/OSU game! No NOT ME because I hate football, right?@?!! I then did NOT watch the game with him ~ well in between talking on the phone and texting. I did NOT eat tums before going out because that would in fact mean I am OLD! Dodododo......and I am NOT old!
  • I have NOT let Isaiah ride his big wheel through the house this evening because that would go against my rule of NO riding toys in the house. Good thing he wasn't having a bad day and his throat was NOT bothering him to the point he would NOT eat b/c then me NOT letting him ride the big wheel would seem cruel! And NO he did NOT just bump into my leg with said big wheel b/c remember I am NOT letting him ride it in the house b/c of his NOT bad day!
  • I did NOT fall asleep tonight while trying to finish Book It with Elijah b/c I am supermom and I finished his Book It requirements weeks ago! I would never procrastinate when my child's education is involved ~ NOT me ~ supermom remember!!
  • I am NOT wishing I had brought home countless numbers of my niece's delish oatmeal/pnut butter/chocolate cookies to eat sitting beside my fireplace cuddled up with the kids who do not like the cookies therefore leaving more for momma!! I did NOT gobble til I wobbled on Thanksgiving. I did NOT in fact eat helpings of Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, broccoli casserole, pasta salad, rolls, snickers salad, chocolate layered dessert and "the" cookies. I did NOT do this because then it might lend credibility to the fact that there might be reasons behind my over weight status BEYOND the idea that I got the bad overweight gene in my faulty DNA! Hmmm.....and that just could NOT be possible because it is so much easier to blame it on the DNA than to put the fork down and shut my mouth!! You know you all are laughing AND feeling the same way! Oooo I forgot the peach cobbler made by a guest at my in-laws dinner was so incredible that I did NOT want to secretly place it under my shirt and run for the hills!! If only it was in a smaller pan! I did however get the recipe and IT IS EASYYYYY!!!!
  • I am NOT preparing my NOT me's! early in hopes of being on top of the list again because that would mean my "liking" Not me! Monday is now on the verge of obsession. Obsessed.......NOT ME! I will NOT be checking MckMama's page frequently in anticipation of her NOT ME! post~ again that would verge on obsession!


  1. This is very funny and great!!

  2. Hehe, I laughed about your Black Friday not me's and your brother and you yelling at each other. Too funny!

    Happy birthday back atcha! What a way to spend it! I don't do black friday so ours was a bit more calm!

    Glad you liked my Sugar Plum Fairy story. I was seriously cracking myself up and hoping no one around was listening to a word I was saying!

  3. Love the Black Friday one. I can so relate...but yelling at your brother is hysterical. I think we are all obsessd with Not me monday:)

  4. Sounds like your birthday wasn't too bad! Happy Monday!

  5. Hey I did the same thing on Black Friday! :) Have a great week!

  6. I am NOT obsessed with Not Me Monday either. Nope, not me.

  7. Sounds like you had a great birthday!


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