Tuesday, December 02, 2008


It never fails every single month I end up at the grocery store on the 1st by mere coincidence. Why is this a big deal? The grocery stores are out of half of what I need thanks to the people with three carts of food standing in the VERY VERY VERY LLLOONNGG checkout lanes. Why do they have so much? Why are the lines soooooooo long? Because this is the day they get their food stamps. I am not talking bad about those that actually NEED the food stamps to get by but the people who refuse to work and live off the food stamps their whole lives.....they seriously tick me off to no end!!! Believe I know more than a fair share of people who would NOT need food stamps if they didn't feel entitled to sit on their butts all day and have absolutely NO work ethic. I am going to stop that portion of the post because I will just rant on and on and get really mad!! By the way I do know a few who were working and lied about it to get food stamps, they later got caught, went to jail then had to pay it all back!!! Oops....their bad.....lolololol!! Right now I am actually just mad at myself for yet again going to the grocery store last night not realizing yet again that it was the 1st. It wasn't too busy and I got most of what I needed but when I got to the checkout the lines were horrendous and wrapping around in a circle. This particular time I was even more annoyed b/c I had a post-op in pain 3yr old wanting to eat the popsicles in my cart to ease the pain in his throat. It is almost like I am oblivious to the calendar. I guess since the first marks absolutely nothing on my calendar I just don't pay attention because WITHOUT FAIL I end up at the grocery store every month between the 1st and the 3rd. My sister laughs at me and swears each month she is going to call to remind me not to go to the store but alas we both forget and I end up there unknowingly with the masses just waiting to spend my hard earned money! Ugh......

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