Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Elijah was unable to keep ANYTHING down yesterday and I mean ANYTHING! His pediatrician had called in some Phenergan Gel aka creamy gold and said if he was still puking in the evening to take him to an after hours facility because she was already overbooked. At about 5 o'clock, Elijah comes in crying that his stomach just hurt so bad. Not knowing if it was cramping or just sore from puking all day I said, "Does it hurt bad enough to go to the doctor?" He said, "No!" and quickly returned to his room. I didn't really want to take him to the doctor because I figured it was a stomach virus and it would just have to run its course. An hour later he comes in bawling and pleading to go to the doctor. In his almost 7 yrs of life, this boy has NEVER ASKED to go to the doctor so I figured it must be really bad so off we went. I kept thinking about my appendicitis and prayed my little boy wouldn't have something as bad as that. Of course, once we get to the doctor he is acting fine! Why do kids do that? They can be acting like they are dying and you are so scared for them but once you make it to the doctor/hospital they make you look like a fool. Turns out he has strep throat! I guess you learn something new everyday ~ did you know strep throat can upset your stomach and in children make them vomit? I didn't know that! Did you also know if left untreated Strep can go to your heart? I DID know this little fact and used it to scare hubby into going to the doctor to get checked. Hey I know it isn't an everyday occurrence but I had to use something scary so he would actually go get tested. So turns out Elijah isn't the only one with strep......ALL of us have it ~ hubby, me, Elijah and Isaiah and we are all on meds. Tez is at his mother's for Christmas so I am not sure if he has it and we all know she won't take him to the doctor and pay a copay. Long story short.....stay away from us! Oh forgot to tell you while we were at urgent care someone had to be transferred to the hospital b/c of meningitis. One of the BA Fire Dept came in to be treated as a precaution since they had also seen the patient so this makes me wonder if it is so contagious and BAD then should we be treated as a precaution too because with my luck that will be what I get. Freaked out a little when they were talking about if anyone had been spit on, bled on or puked on and how they were going to need to disinfect everything in the office then they come in our room fondling our throats, glands, taking temps and all the other fun stuff. Nice!

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