Friday, December 19, 2008



No we in fact can not afford a Range Rover but we own one because of a "deal" through my car dealer brother-in-law. It was a SWEET deal we got on our LEMON!! At the time we bought it, we definitely were not looking for a Range Rover but my brother-in-law had a "good" one come in as a trade-in and we could get a "really good deal on it". Blue book at the time was something like $12,000 or 14,000 and we were getting it for $8,000. We went to the bank and got an auto loan at 4% interest, got a really low payment, doubled up on some payments and the piece of crap truck has been paid off for a year! Good deal, right? WRONG COMPLETELY WRONG! We seriously got the raw end of this deal!! As of March 2008, we have officially put way more money into fixing this truck than we originally paid for it and could've bought a brand new car and it would be almost paid off with all the money we have spent. Needless to say I HATE MY HUSBAND'S RANGE ROVER and here ladies and gentlemen are my top five reasons NOT to buy/own/look at/think about/talk about/dream of/even take a second glance at a
  1. In Tulsa, there are only two, yes count those little two fingers folks, TWO places that will even work on LAND ROVERS ~ the Land Rover dealership and another shop.
  2. You can not go to Auto Zone, O' Reilley's or ANY parts store to get Land Rover parts even some simple part~ only an authorized mechanic shop or dealer is allowed to buy the parts from Land Rover ~ NO DISCOUNTS HERE FOLKS! You can not just buy the parts and fix it yourself EVER! Trust me, we have tried more than once!
  3. In my opinion, other than the outrageously priced newer versions, they are all just UGLY boxes on wheels!!
  4. It literally cost an arm, a leg and your first born to be able to fix ANYTHING! Even the smallest things cost a small fortune! I just so happen to have an example: The battery went out on my husband's remote which one would think would be simply fixed by buying a new battery and replacing it ~ right? WRONG AGAIN I told you guys the smallest details cost a fortune, now listen up!! The truck got superlocked aka they make it so NO ONE can get in the truck. You think I am kidding I mean NO ONE! And I know you are thinking "ok lazy bums just use the key!" LISTEN PEOPLE I SAID IT WON'T LET ANY ONE INTO THE VEHICLE! We had to have it towed for the thousandth time up to the dealership and they had to break the window to get in to get it un-superlocked. Price of this little adventure with window, new battery, un-superlockation (I know that is not a word!) which also meant new door handle/lock and reprogramming ~ I believe it was around $600 in the end! CRAZY I TELL YOU! That my friends should be against the law or we should be sent to the "looney bin" for falling for the "sweet" deal we were offered. I thought it was odd that the "old" lady who had owned the truck traded it in for a Chevrolet Aveo. That is a huge difference! The truck was in mint condition ~ in fact before we bought it NO one had ever sat in the back seat. She must have known EVERYTHING was falling apart and just wanted to get out before her entire retirement fund went into fixing the junk heap. She was so distraught she bought a tiny little car with parts for like a buck! This lady is a genius and WE are the crazy ones!
  5. Just the name "Range Rover" (he calls it "the range) makes my husband's family and so-called friends think we are loaded and the constant snide comments make me want to slap them as do the constant requests for hand outs never to be repaid loans that will eventually lead me to flip out and start my "get off your lazy butt and get a job" rant!!! WE are the ones who NEED the loans hand outs never to be repaid to pay for the overpriced, steal of a deal, lemon piece of crap wonderful "luxury" vehicle we are cursed with so lucky and proud to own!!!
  6. Wait a minute I have one more.......when the truck breaks down like for instance.....NOW I have to wake up at 4am to drive my husband to work! Not cool! 4am!!! 5am!!!! Hey unless it is Black Friday, Isaiah's surgery day, I am up with a sick kid or I haven't gone to bed yet I DON'T WANT TO BE AWAKE TO SEE 4 OR 5AM!!!!! I wake up at 6am everyday and that is bad enough for me!!! Well I am going to pray and pray and then pray some more that his truck is finished TODAY! Then go pick him up from work with ALL my "spare" time and all.................not the least bit bitter here....nope not is a good thing I love him so much because I could almost flip out right now!

Can you guys tell I have been on the phone with the auto repair shop 3 times this morning before 9am and I received our mind blowing total for our latest repair and I don't want to put more money into the truck 6 days before Christmas for something that should of been fixed right when repaired 15months ago!?!?!?!? Hard to tell I know but believe it ~ it's all true!

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