Monday, December 22, 2008


It's time once again for Not me! Monday! To admit or I guess NOT admit to anything you have done so join me, MckMama and all her MckFriends for Not me Monday!! Come on confession is good for the soul.....
  • When the mechanic called about the Lemon saying he would fix two things then see if the truck was still overheating, I in NO way, shape or form said "Well if it catches on fire, don't put it out! Let that baby burn!" That would be stupid since I then figured out at 5:30pm on Friday that I forgot to pay our insurance!! Guess who is NOT on the phone with the insurance company and is NOTmeing (can that be a verb) instead of calling her insurance company......NOT ME!
  • While having to wake up for many days last week at the butt crack of dawn to take the hubby to work because his piece of crap truck was in the shop again, (NOT bitter at all I tell you!) I did NOT think he should just quit his job because I should NEVER have to be up this early! Why would I think that? Seriously that is juvenile, stupid and selfish so it is a good thing I didn't think that!
  • I did NOT skip NOT me! Monday last week because I was so far down the list that it just made me sad. I did NOT think I should seek professional help for being sad about missing Not me Monday instead I just bottled it all up inside like a good little girl should do! Not dependent on Not me confessionals at all!
  • I did NOT say to my son "Why did you do that?" when he vomited all over himself and the floor at the doughnut shop on Friday. That would be inconsiderate. Hey I did NOT know if he was sick or if he had choked so that would've been my reasoning for asking that IF I in fact asked that before saying "Are you Ok?" I then did NOT want to flip out in the middle of the doughnut store when I asked the keeper of the "circular, fried, sugar coated fat makers" if she had something I could use to clean it up with assuming she would hand me a mop or towel of some sort and she said, "Sure, here have some napkins!". NAPKINS SERIOUSLY! And definitely NOT the thick absorbent kind but the tiny, thin ones the doughnut shop always has! I sure did NOT want to throw the stupid napkins at her head or leave and say clean it yourself because that would be irresponsible!! Ugh.....I will just leave it at that!
  • I then did NOT get home and proceed to blog since Isaiah was acting normal. Since I would NOT be getting my to-dos of upwards a couple mill, I might as well blog clean, right!! Then while blogging attending to the sick boy he vomited again which finally told me he was sick! I then did NOT rub him down with Phenergen gel leftover from his surgery and pray he would crash so I could nap or blog clean the house!! And I definitely did NOT let him open a gift because I felt so bad for him and I did NOT say "don't tell anyone"!!
  • I did NOT say to my friends when they asked if we were still going to the Christmas Train because of weather "Oh WE ARE GOING!" and then I thought it's NOT that cold! Holy cow! Watching the temp gauge on the car on just the ride there, it went from 34 to 15 within the hour ride. Ok so who wants to feel their appendages anyway! Fingers are entirely overrated! And I most certainly did NOT forget gloves for our family ~ that would be idiotic to say the least! Upon leaving the train at 10pm the temp gauge read 9! Yes 9 degrees and this didn't include the skin splitting wind chill factor! I am brilliant I tell you! I would never do any of that because I hate cold weather with a passion!

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