Tuesday, December 23, 2008



So Friday Isaiah had some kind of virus that caused vomiting and diarrhea but it only lasted one day! I rubbed him down with Phenergan Gel leftover from his surgery and I must say I love that stuff. Stops the nausea/vomiting and knocks them out! What is better than that? Nothing! I scrubbed the bathroom and disinfected everything in sight but somehow now today Elijah has the diarrhea and vomiting. This occurred after I had already dropped them off at my Mom's house and she insisted I stay at work. I begrudgingly offered to pick him up and go home but my Mom being the wonderful person she is said, "Well we've been exposed now so you might as well leave him here!" Let me think for a second....OK!! Not have to deal with a vomiting 6 yr old...you don't have to pry me away from work today!! Another day off with vomit is not my idea of fun. I called the pediatrician and I must say personally knowing the doctor's triage nurse definitely has its perks. She called back in about 3 minutes and called in some creamy gold - Phenergan Gel - without hesitation. Lord knows they don't want me to bring my vomiting child to their office. I pray this is a short lived virus for Elijah like it was for Zay and I also pray that no one else in the family gets the virus since Christmas is in two days. I also hope the friends they've been around this weekend don't get sick since we didn't know Elijah would get it and Isaiah was fine. Oops! Sorry guys! I would feel REALLY bad if my Mom got it for Christmas ~ NOT quite the gift she is requesting!


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