Thursday, December 18, 2008


Isaiah has been saying for weeks that Jesus is in the "twouds" making snow especially for him. Well almost baby ~ we didn't get snow but we got our fair share of ice. NO where close to our two bad storms of 2007 but still they cancelled school for THREE DAYS! SERIOUSLY! I remember driving on ice to school and passing many wrecks along my way but did they cancel school ~ you guessed it ~ NO! There were years where we would get out of school a few days early because we hadn't used our snow days! Pansies! Ok I just cracked myself up ~ I used to hate "walking to school in the Iowa snow" stories like that from my Dad and now I have my own version ~ I hate that! Only in Oklahoma can it be 75 degrees on Sunday afternoon although it never felt like 75 to me then it "rained rice" as my nephew Logan called it on Sunday night! Only in Oklahoma can it be 75 degrees part of the day and drop to the twenties later on! I seriously want the job security of an Oklahoma weatherman because even if you are wrong you can always blame it on the crazy Oklahoma weather. I was told in college that Oklahoma is the most difficult state for weather prediction ~ don't know why I added that little tidbit! Anyway school was canceled and early Monday morning the boys ran outside to play with what looked like snow. They refused to believe me and insisted the piles of ice in the yard were snow ~ in their defense the ice did look snow on the grassy areas. They went to play in the "snow" and Isaiah quickly came back saying, "Oooooo Mommy it is so told outside and the snow is really HARD! I don't want to make a snowman out of THAT snow!" and Elijah came back in to get bundled up so he could go "ice skating" on the sidewalk. Well three days out of school for them and I am definitely ready for them to go back IN FACT I think Christmas vacation should be cut short by three days to make up for the Mothers putting up with the "cabin fever" children missed education!!

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