Thursday, December 18, 2008


So the phone rings the other day with a local number displayed but I was unsure who it was.....dodododo.....yep I answered it to learn this:

Enthusiastic Radio Man: "Hello (very drawn out and radio show enthusiastic) may I please speak with Angela"

Me: "This is Angela" timid and unsure if I wanted to say it was me!!

Little Too Happy For My Taste Man: "This is *man talking too fast to catch his name* from KHITS and you have won four free tickets to the looney bin!"

At this point he seemed a little TOO excited for ME so I thought maybe it was a joke!

Me: "I won what?"

Excitement Fading Man: "Four tickets to the Looney Bin"

Me: "Is this a joke? What did you say?"

Short and Sweet Man: "THE LOONEY BIN"

Me: "OK! What is the Looney Bin?" the idea keeps running through my head that maybe this was a joke broadcast over the radio or the world has finally figured out me and my three friends are ACTUALLY CERTIFIABLE and we get in FREE!

Annoyed Man: "It is a comedy club, ma'am! Do you know where we are located?"

Me: "Uh no! Why?"

Thinking Maybe the Joke is on Him Man: "So you can come pick up the tickets!! We are at blah blah blah" The rest was rattled off entirely too fast and the notes I have written down for directions may not even get me there! Oops I guess I really did win something but I thought I was going to be the butt of the joke ON radio so I thought I was actually being the smart one. Sad if they play that talk at the Looney Bin ~ maybe I should not go!

Yes I am happy I won tickets to some place I've never even heard of BUT that isn't the contest I signed up for so I was skeptical! I signed up for a Simon Mall Giftcard drawing and if I could choose I would've much rather have won the gift card then some trip to the Looney Bin! Oh well free is free right! Until next time America.......unless I am tucked away in some padded cell that is......................

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