Monday, December 08, 2008


After picking up the boys after school on Friday, I had to pick up Addison to watch her for a couple of cuddly hours. Elijah cracks me up. He is totally captivated by all things Addison. On the way home he says, "Addison is so pretty. She keeps doing this thing with her eyes" then proceeds to demonstrate for me to see through the rear view mirror. I said, "Well talk to her." He says, "MOOOMMM she is just a baby. She can't talk back." I replied with, "I know she can't talk back but she can still hear and respond in her own baby way like learning to smile, coo and make eye contact!" He then says VERY sternly, "Addison SMILE!" Addison promptly begins to cry and Elijah panics, "Oh NO Mom I don't think she wants ME to talk to her because THIS is definitely NO smile or coo! Make her stop!" My laughing response, "Well I said talk to her not YELL AT her. Just put her pacifier in her mouth!" Elijah is a little shaken and says, "I think she may like me a little more than before but I don't like the way she is looking at me!" as if somehow this 6 week old baby was going to harm him in some way! A little bit further down the road Elijah says in complete shock and disgust, "OH GROSS MOM! HELP me, what do I do! She spit up EVERYWHERE and I got it on my finger. *gagging noises* What do I do? STOP THE CAR IT IS EVERYWHERE I NEED SERIOUS HELP HERE! *more gagging noises*" I pulled over into a parking lot thinking there would be a big mess but I opened door to see not "spit up" but a little tiny bit of drool on her chin and laugh at Elijah who is still gagging while holding his finger out as if her drool is the plague! He was not the least bit amused to say the least and says, "Wow Mom who knew taking care of babies could be such hard work. Can we go a little faster and get home so YOU can take care of her?!?!? She wore me out!" Keep in mind all of this occurred in a four mile drive!

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