Monday, December 01, 2008


This morning on the way to drop the boys off at Meme's an instrumental of Silver Bells played on the radio and as I was humming along feeling all festive Elijah's busts out with, "Is this a song OR WHAT?"

I said, "It is the instrumental of Silver Bells so it has no words just music."

His response, "OK and why would you want a song without words?"

Now guess who will be breaking out her classical music cds to show a little musical appreciation to her young child!!
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I forgot to go to the grocery store and get breakfast foods for the boys so I resorted to doughnuts this morning well except for Isaiah who had a popsicle for breakfast. (Hey he has been in pain the past two days and won't eat so his meals have consisted of popsicles which is good to keep him hydrated!!) I had absolutely no cash on me so I asked Elijah if I could borrow a dollar to get him a donut and I would give it back to him when I got off of work. His answer, "I'll let you use a dollar and you can give me twenty dollars back!" WOW that is some serious interest!! I said, "No I will give you a dollar back!" He counter offered with, "How about five?"

Isaiah who has had a rough couple of days since the scab came off and his "tonsils" hurt overhears me calling the doctor to schedule his post-op appt and gets all excited saying, "Yeah the doctor is going to put my tonsils back so I tan eat food again!"

I tried to explain he doesn't "want" his tonsils back and in a few days he'll be able to eat anything he wants again. He began to cry saying, "Well you, Yijah, Daddy and Meme have your tonsils. I want my tonsils back because now my mouth hurts and I tan't eat food!" (All this in a voice resembling Froggy off the Little Rascals)

I lied, yes you read it correctly I lied and said, "No we all had our tonsils taken out when we were three ~everyone gets their tonsils taken out when they are little!"

This maneuver backfired and he named EVERYONE he knew and insisted they all had their tonsils until I could no longer take the pressure saying, "Ok I lied we all have our tonsils except for you, Uncle Curt, Uncle Rob, Braden, Shandolynne, Logan and Quinlynne who had theirs taken out and you've seen them eat normal food. I promise you will eat normal food again in a few days!"

This began the total meltdown of my drugged up post-surgery three yr old saying in his cute little gruff voice, "I tan't beweeve you wied to me! Call the doctor I want my tonsils back so I tan eat food too!" This is also the point where I wish I hadn't caved under pressure and admitted I was lying!
While holding Addison this evening, Isaiah began to kiss her and say, "I wuv you baby Addison!" Addison, a one month old baby, just stared off into the distance not having a clue about what was about to take place. Isaiah says, "Baby Addison I said I wuv you!" Again no response! Drug induced post-surgical three year old again begins a complete meltdown, "Mommy, Baby Addison won't wook at me. Baby Addison wook at me I said I wuv you! BABY ADDISON I WUV YOU! SAY SOMETING!" Baby Addison begins to wail right along with Isaiah and total chaos insues!! Time for grouchy, achy, three year old boy to go to sleep!
Avani and Addison were over tonight. While making pizza with the kids Elijah decided to let Avani in on a few minor perks of Cullom Cooking Hour. After spreading the sauce onto the dough, it was time for cheese. Elijah whispers to Avani, "If you accidentally get sauce on your hand, the cheese will stick to it and you will have to eat it off! I do it all the time!! Try it, it is good!!" Her truly girly answer, "Yuck I don't want your nasty finger licking hands on my pizza!"

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