Monday, December 08, 2008


It's that time again, Yep you guessed it......come join MckMama and all her MckFriends for yet another Not me! Monday!!

  • I have NOT checked on Isaiah multiple times per night to insure he is in fact breathing while he is sleeping because he no longer snores. A giant feat for this three yr old boy who has snored since birth.
  • I am NOT secretly wondering if getting his tonsils out would in fact lower the volume on my husband's snoring and thinking about looking into it!! I am also NOT wondering if it would lower the volume on the dogs' snoring. You have NO idea how loud it can be when my husband, Samson the Boston Terrier and Moose the English Bulldog snore as one!!
  • I did NOT implore my husband to "please drive more carefully and at least TRY to avoid nails!" after his third flat tire in the past 30 days. The reason I did NOT say this is because that would be silly and impossible!! Good thing I did NOT say that!
  • When Elijah came home and told me he had spent a dollar of his own money on a charity drive at school for kids without toys, I did NOT want to shout from the roof tops, "I did it!! I raised a sensitive, sweet and charitable little boy!!" I just said, "Good job son I am SO proud of you! That was a really nice thing to do!" and then failed to tell him he had signed up to walk a mile in the cold for the charity. We'll climb that hurdle when we get to it!
  • I have NOT looked forward to the Roller Derby for a week. Who would want to watch women get to push each other around while skating? Who would want to join a group of women like this? Who would want to take their frustrations out on unknowing strangers? NOT me!! Who then went to watch in amazement? Oh certainly NOT me!! Originally, I thought I will just lose weight then become a roller girl HOWEVER while I was NOT there, of course, I did NOT have passing thoughts like "Wow these are some pretty hefty girls I could lose just about 15 pounds and look better than some of them!!" NOT that I would ever think like that! NOT that I know if I could even skate now that I haven't skated in .......oh give or take twenty years! And the idea does NOT pop to mind so my hubby could NOT claim spousal abuse! lol
  • I did NOT wonder while at the dentist under the influence of gas and numbing shots if I could possibly get some nitrous "to go" know to help me relax in times of stress. Oh NOT me....NOT me at all! Oh to feel the floating sensation and total relaxation again!
  • I did NOT hope I would remember all my HILARIOUS thoughts while under said gas just so I could blog about them! That could mean I have a blogging addiction and that most definitely is NOT me! Right?
  • I then did NOT go to my Mom's to pick up Zay after the appt and fall asleep so long that my stepson had to call to see IF I was going to pick him up from school. Yep, I am on my way! That would've been irresponsible of me so GOOD thing I did NOT do that! Good thing my Mom lives just a mile from his school in case I ever did do that!
  • I am NOT ignoring my need to clean house and do laundry just so I can blog! No addiction here!!
  • I did NOT want to take hubby up on his offer to look into the cost of a "reversal" just so we could try for a girl. Nope NOT me! That would be costly and insane! I think it could be considered more insane that he offered!
  • I did NOT skip putting up the Christmas tree for yet another weekend because that could be a sign of procrastination and that is just NOT me!
  • I did NOT sigh in relief after the fire jumped out of the fireplace yet again towards my head because I was fine only to find out an hour later the whole right side of my hair was in curly q's from being burned in said fire. Me and the fireplace get along too well for something like this to happen! I then did NOT spend 45 minutes cutting each individual curly q'd singed hair in tears at the outcome!!
  • I did NOT secretly go to Hobby Lobby while on my way to another store. I do NOT have an addiction to all things Hobby Lobby. I am NOT the kind of girl who could just wander in Hobby Lobby for so long that they eventually announce they are closing and I get sad. Nope! I do NOT honestly believe my auto pilot car drives me there and then the auto pilot cart steers me "unwillingly" of course to the scrapbook supply area THEN to all other areas of the store. Is there a help group for this problem? NOT for me of course, but I do know a few other people with said problem.
  • I did NOT get really excited, overwhelmed, ecstatic and think I could almost be famous after my 200 hits in one day from my last NOT me! NOPE NO blogging addiction here!! Not very many comments but hey the hits alone made me happy enough!
  • I did NOT choke to death when my mother-in-law asked if I could go to lunch with her and my sister-in-law last Friday. Amazingly enough Sadly I was unable to join because of a dentist appointment but soon figured out later she probably just needed to give me her Christmas list. Seriously we've been together for 8 years and the woman has yet to invite me ANYWHERE so she must have wanted something to spend some quality time with me, right? NOT!! I am telling you all she needed to give me her list and that is it!! Don't get me started! NOT that I would go on and on when it comes to this topic!
  • I know there is NO possible way I could be alone on this one....I do NOT want to scream to all my readers "FOLLOW ME, FOLLOW ME". Seriously that would be obsessive! I have two followers........WHAT IS WITH THAT?? NOT that it bothers me of course! lol
  • Last but NOT least I was NOT over the moon ecstatic a little excited that MckMama revealed the strike through trick!
  • I have NOT been to MckMama's page about a kazillion once or twice and refreshed to see if her Not me! list was posted AND while waiting for the screen to refresh I most certainly am NOT closing my eyes, saying "please be up, please be up" AS IF her posting predetermines my bed time!! NOT I can NOT go to bed without worrying about if I make the top ten! She's been posting shortly after midnight for the past few weeks so if I can hold out JUST a little longer surely she'll post soon, right?

Until next time America.............

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  1. I'm randomly clicking on MckMama's links and glad I found yours! I am a fellow fan of Hobby Lobby! And hey, if you do go with the doggie tonsillectomy, LMK how it goes! I have one that I'll put in line for surgery! LOL


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