Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Yesterday in my mad dash to get ready for the day, get the kids ready for school and constant checking of MckMama's page for her Not me! Monday list I somehow changed the language on my blogger account. That is the oddest feeling! I was looking at a foreign language that resembled NOTHING I knew hence the word foreign - duh! Well the first thought is to just switch it back to English, easy enough, right? WRONG! Kind of hard to switch it back to English when you can't even read a word to find where to do that. I couldn't understand a thing and I was scared I was going to end up deleting my whole blog on accident ~ what a travesty!! This probably sounds really odd but my heart was racing and I was panicking. I could not read one word of whatever language my account was in. My actual page was in English but my dashboard and everything else was completely foreign to me. I then felt sorry for foreigners coming to our country like I never had before. To think it took something as simple as this to make me realize their problems. I took French in school and can figure out some Spanish and Italian but Filipino which was my mistaken language pick, I am clueless. I finally signed out of my account and upon signing in again, in hopes it would magically switch back to English, I found where the language options were and sighed deeply in relief as I once again began to recognize words. Oh what a relief! That was scary!

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