Wednesday, December 31, 2008


    Joining in on Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop Wednesday for the 1st time here we go:


    CAUTION: This post might cause you to believe I am a little nuts! Don't worry I am! I even won two free tickets to the Looney Bin to prove it!! Oh yeah I need to go pick those up! Have fun guys and have a great New Years! I will since all my boys will be watching football and I will be SHOPPING. KID. FREE!!

  1. I learned through flying kites for the first time that our 3yr and a 6yr old have short attention spans for objects flying high in the sky. Fun at first then they are like are we done now and you have to wind it ALL back up!! However we had a GREAT laugh each and every time Isaiah's kite would "fly away"! He would scream HELP repeatedly while running with his arm stretched out as far as it could go and the string unraveling at lightning speed! That's a sight! It never got old! Really I laughed each time! You don't think I handed over control of the kite simply because he asked, do you?!?! I think he thought once all the string was done unraveling that he might just fly away too!
  2. I learned that when you go to sporting events games with friends and you think the husbands are checking out the cheerleaders......THEY ARE! Wow they give them big 'ol smiles! Hey I'm bendy too!
  3. Elijah learned how to ride his bike without the training wheels and who knew it would be such a pivotal moment of humor. He ran into 4month old pile of ice storm debris ~ twice, rode into a parked car ~ twice, fell and scrapped his elbow then after the meltdown he eventually got back out and rode again! That was the best part even though the parked car incident was funny after we knew he was ok!
  4. Who knew a trip from Tulsa to Atlanta could be so eventful? And who knew Memphis and North Little Rock were so scary? In North Little Rock I was mistaken for a prostitute. I am still wondering if besides being a bad thing that maybe in someway it could be good! Don't think so but still wondering! Trying to find the Lorraine Motel, home of the National Civil Rights museum and the Martin Luther King Memorial, we witnessed a young boy get hit by a car then stopped to help until I saw his leg bone sticking OUT of his leg and almost puked on him. When I turned around I noticed a bunch of crackheads just circling our truck in a daze, Martez quickly ran over once he saw them. He was worried about the truck and I was worried about the kids inside the truck! Yes this all really happened ~ just in the first half of the drive there!
  5. Who knew that losing a pet could be so heartbreaking? She wasn't just any pet and I never had a pet that special ~ probably never will! I certainly didn't and I could still cry just thinking about my precious GIANT baby girl Daisy. I certainly never thought I would miss a Great Dane trying to get a handshake while I am on the toilet ~ sick I know ~ but I do!
  6. I learned that no matter how many times I see Adriano Moraes butt I NEVER get sick of it! Even if you hate bull riding you have to like a bull rider in tight wranglers. If you don't like that, you need your eyes checked!
  7. I also learned when it's your son's last day to prove he can jump in the deep end during swimming lessons his foot will really itch. Every time you think he is about to jump in, have the camera ready for the 100th shot of him just bending over to scratch said itchy foot!! AND thinking your son is drowning while his teacher isn't paying attention and he can't stay above water long enough to hear you screaming "JUST STAND UP! YOU CAN TOUCH BABY STAND UP!" ~ that's scary!
  8. I learned the word "kitties" is a truly embarrassing word when you have a 3yr old screaming it repeatedly in your car, parked in a department store parking lot with the windows down AND ~ here's the kicker folks ~ your precious 3yr old ~ you know the one screaming ~ he can't say the letter "k" or words that start with the letter "k" INSTEAD he uses a "t" for every K sound in his vocabulary!!
  9. I learned that my son thinks he is a "delicious" item off of the Taco Bueno menu! Mmmm.....good! Ooooo and I learned being IN parades truly sucks! I am a much better spectator!!
  10. Above all I learned how a very sick, very young little boy, I only had the privilege to see in person once, could show me strength and the power of a smile even when things are bad! I can't say much more or I will cry! Rest in peace Maddox and play in heaven with your 'WHOLE' heart!! Please continue to keep Maddox's family in your prayers! Tammi is a wreck and due to have the baby any day!
  11. Wait I learned that blogging is addiction, obsessive, time-consuming, work-ignoring, child-neglecting, insomnia enabling FUN which is why this top 10 list even has a number 11 b/c I just can't stop!!! Oh and I hate those word verification thingeys!!


  1. I hate the word verification too! Thank you for that. And now I'm fixated on flying a kite again. I don't suppose I could go out in the snow and do it?

  2. I've been to Little Rock once. I was reminded of trips to DC. Not all that looking forward to going back. I don't know what I would do if my chocolate lab died. I laughed out loud at the kite story and the "kitty". Hehe. I will keep Maddox's family in my prayers.

    Have a happy New Year!

    - Kendall from Mama Kat's

  3. Mistaken for a prostitute...I can honestly say that has never...oh wait...yes it has.


    Great list, and...
    Happy New Year!!

  4. my, you have learned some good things this past year. here's hoping the new year is even more educational.

  5. Ooh you had some original in here. I love it. And I suppose I'd rather my husband be looking at the cheerleaders like that then the players. At least you don't have to question his sexuality!!


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